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       Yuanxing Gene’s motto is “Conduct myself honestly,  Concentrateon work, Collaboration together, Tenacious innovation”.A  gene innovative drug research- driven andcustomer-focused service company, Yuanxing Gene can provide, including virusseed assessments, small pilot study, pilot-scale study,clinical samplepreparation, IND application, project management, and other full-service.

        On the basis of adhere to makefull use of global biological medicine resources,Yuanxing Gene continuouslyintroduces  advanced bio-pharmaceuticaltechnology, builds up our own digestion、absorption and innovationcapability, committes to help customers reduce gene therapy  drug scale-up research time and product timeto market, reduce the R & D costs,provides more and better service forglobal customers.

 Constantly improve the technologicalinnovation capability, support and help our customers meet their strategicobjectives,are the goal of Yuanxing Gene from beginning to the end.

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