Vocational Training

Yuanxing gene attaches great importance to the vocational training needs of employees at all stages, supporting all-round technical training and business training to enhance the practical operation ability of employees at all levels, so as to be demand-oriented, people-oriented, meritocratic and make the best of their talents. The company places talent development at a strategic height and constantly provides employees with opportunities to learn, take responsibility and challenge themselves. Respect the existing value of employees and develop their future potential. In this inclusive organization, ordinary people become excellent people, excellent people become excellent people, and a steady stream of medical people are developing their careers here.

 The company adheres to the training practice mode of "work is training, and leaders are trainers". The training methods are rich and diverse, including internal training, external training, network training, industry forum, quality development and other forms. It aims to continuously optimize the knowledge structure of employees through training at all levels, improve employees professional quality and job skills, and enhance employees professional competitiveness. At the same time, by building a learning organization within the enterprise, we can continuously improve the innovation ability and competitiveness of the organization and maintain the continuous and upward development of the company.