Xiangjun Zhou-Chairman of Yuanxing Gene

He received a bachelor's degree in biologyfrom Sun Yat sen University, a master degree in pharmacology from theUniversity of Hawaii, a doctor degree in biology from the University of Hawaii,and a postdoctoral research from the Department of pharmacy of StanfordUniversity.

Specialty: biomedicine and molecularpharmacology. He specializes in new drug research and development, immune celltherapy technology and gene drug therapy technology.

He served as a member of the professionalcommittee of pharmacokinetics of China pharmacological society, theprofessional committee of Applied Pharmacology of China PharmaceuticalAssociation, the professional committee of biotherapy of China Anti CancerAssociation, the drug price evaluation expert of China National Development andReform Commission, and the biomedical expert of the scientific and technicalexpert committee of Shenzhen Municipal People government.

Yuanxing team-

Yuanxing gene has established a research and development team composed of experts, doctors and researchers in cell and molecular biology, immunology, virology, synthetic biology and other disciplines in the fields of virus vector gene therapy, mRNA and drug research and development.95% of the company R & D personnel have bachelor degree, master degree or doctor degree or above. Yuanxing gene is located in the laboratory workshop in Longhua District, Shenzhen, and can carry out various research on drug development.