Talent Concept

Yuanxing gene always takes the on-the-job employees as the first high-quality resources and talents as the foundation of survival, competition and development of the enterprise. Human resource management follows the principle of "people-oriented, fair and open, appropriate and applicable, and managed according to law", providing a broad stage for employees to give full play to their talents and a broad space to display their talents.

We have a young, highly educated workforce, a harmonious and diligent working atmosphere and a team spirit of common development. The company advocates and adheres to the common growth of enterprise value and employee value, so that employees can obtain remuneration and rank corresponding to their own pay in the development of the enterprise, so as to realize value recognition. We believe that Shenzhen Yuanxing Gene-tech Co.,Ltd. is an ideal platform for biomedical talents with both political integrity and ability to display their professional aspirations.