Adenovirus is a linear double-stranded DNA virus, which has the advantages of wide host range and high transgene efficiency, it can infect with split and non-splinter cell. The genetic material of the adenoviruses is not incorporated (transient) into the host cell's genetic material. It is widely used in basic research and clinical trials, and is one of the most commonly used gene therapy vectors and oncolytic viruses.

We have established a technical platform for large-scale preparation of adenovirus vectors, on the basis of which CDMO services of adenovirus vectors with different serotypes and different production modes can be realized. Now, We have undertaken more than 40 adenoviral vector projects, and have experience in technological development of many serotypes of adenoviruses such as Ad2, Ad5, Ad7, Ad11, Ad26, Ad35, Ad5F35, Ad68, etc., and also have established a quality research system of corresponding serotypes of adenoviruses, which can provide you with high titer and purity adenoviral vector, that are produced under GMP conditions and used for basic research, preclinical and clinical research.