Lentivirus is a genus of the Retroviridae family, characterized by a long incubation period. Lentiviruses can deliver a significant amount of genetic information into the DNA of the host cell, so they are one of the most efficient methods of a gene delivery vector. HIV, SIV, and FIV are all examples of lentiviruses. Lentivirus is primarily a research tool used to introduce a gene product into in vitro systems or animal models. Another common application is to use a lentivirus to introduce a new gene into human or animal cells.

We specialty provide CDMO services for lentivirus products, such as production, purification, quality inspection and packaging. We established a mature method of cell culture and lentivirus amplification; The purification process such as molecular sieve column chromatography was established. We can provide you with high titer and high purity recombinant lentiviral products of HIV and SIV, that are produced under GMP conditions and used for basic research, preclinical and clinical research.