The main application areas of mRNA products include preventive vaccines, tumor immunotherapy, protein replacement therapy, and regenerative therapy. Compared with traditional technology, the common advantages of mRNA in the above-mentioned fields include three aspects: 1) The indications in different fields are relatively wide. Because the proteins involved in different disease mechanisms of the human body are different, mRNA technology can realize the right medicine and make the body become itself. Pharmacy"; 2) Short R&D and production cycle and low cost; 3) The therapeutic effect of mRNA products is better.

Yuanxing Gene has established a large-scale mRNA preparation process research and development line, which covers sequence design & optimization, construction and production of transcription templates, mRNA in vitro transcription, mRNA stock solution encapsulation, and quality research. The mRNA research and development laboratory of Yuanxing Gene meets GMP requirements and covers an area of more than 1,000 square meters. It can provide scientific research institutes and drug research and development institutions with mRNA products that can be used for basic research, preclinical research, and clinical research produced under GMP conditions.