Finance Manager
Job Responsibilities:

1.Organization and management of accounting.

2. Daily fund management.

3. Budget preparation and management.

4. Management report preparation.

5. Financial analysis.

6. Tax administration.

7. Work related to the above and other accounting and management.

8. Daily work coordination and management of finance department.

Job requirements:

1.Bachelor degree or above in accounting or related major.

2. Have the title of accountant (intermediate) or above, or certified public accountant and other relevant professional qualifications.

3. At least 3 years working experience in management positions such as manager of finance department and deputy manager of finance department.

4. Familiar with all kinds of daily office software, hardware, gold disc financial software and ERP-SAP software.

5. Clear thinking, able to adapt to the requirements of intense work, good communication skills, team spirit and obey the management of the company.

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Fermentation Engineer / Technician
Job Responsibilities:

1.  plasmid construction and strain bank establishment.

2. Experimental design, implementation of design scheme and process verification of fermentation process amplification and process improvement.

3. Operate according to GMP requirements,Preparation and revision of post GMP related documents, batch production and equipment record filling.

4. Complete the sorting, statistics, result analysis and summary of R & D and production data.

Job requirements:

1.College degree or above, major in biopharmaceutical.

2. Experience in molecular biology experiment.

3. Familiar with fermentation process and basic operation of fermentation tank.

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mRNA tester
Job Responsibilities:

1. Master aseptic operation technology and mRNA detection methods.

2. Responsible for the development of mRNA detection methods and the preparation of relevant supporting documents.

3. Cooperate with relevant mRNA experimental verification and material preparation.

4.  Be familiar with the relevant management regulations of QC laboratory and implement them in strict accordance with the regulations.

5. Familiar with the preparation of QC documents.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, with basic experimental knowledge of molecular biology.

2. Familiar with mRNA related detection methods.

3. Familiar with GMP requirements of pharmaceutical enterprises and knowledge of methodological validation.

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mRNA design researcher
Job Responsibilities:

1.Responsible for designing relevant mRNA drug sequences according to the biological information related to mRNA projects and targets, optimizing sequence coding and improving pharmaceutical properties.

2. Participate in the optimization of external transcription IVT process.

3. Participate in the establishment of mRNA preparation process and product quality control.

4. Participate in the research of mRNA modification technology and delivery technology.

5. Participate in pharmacological research of mRNA drug research and development, etc.

Job requirements:

1. Master degree or above, major in bioinformatics or related, with experience in molecular cloning, virus packaging, purification, stable transfer cell line construction, etc.

2. Experience in gene sequence construction and mRNA molecular construction.

3. Proficient in literature research and experiment.

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Doctor of scientific research (in synthetic biology or Virology)
Job Responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for developing and establishing new products and project pipelines in the field of mRNA drugs, and put forward feasible suggestions for the company overall R & D strategy.

2. Be responsible for the preparation and identification of LNP / mRNA, and verify the delivery efficiency in vitro and in vivo.

3. Solve technical problems in R & D and production, improve and optimize relevant processes.

4. Provide customers with technical support, solutions, project docking, technical explanation, etc.

5. Work closely with other departments (project, process, QA, QC) to accelerate the progress of the project and assist in the realization of the company&apos.s milestone objectives.

6. Writing and application of relevant patents and articles in the research field.

7. Train and guide subordinates, lead to write and review relevant system documents and SOP.

8. Design and upgrade of mRNA laboratory and selection of relevant equipment.

Job requirements:

1. virology / molecular biology / cell biology / organic chemistry, doctoral degree.

2. Have rich professional knowledge and good scientific research literacy.

3. Focus on the forefront of the industry and have strong sensitivity to new research hotspots or fields.

4. Practical experience in genetic engineering, cell engineering, synthetic biology and other related projects. Virus or mRNA research or production experience is preferred.

5. Overseas study or work background.

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BD Director / Manager
Job Responsibilities:

1.Actively develop new customers and expand business and market through a wide range of information resources, including direct customer exchanges, academic conferences and other industry activities.

2.Continuously and effectively manage existing customers, continuously follow up new business opportunities for customers, and promote new project cooperation.

3.Deeply understand customer needs, cooperate with relevant departments of the company to formulate project plans, and be responsible for business negotiation and contract signing.

4.Responsible for the company business marketing, including the organization and implementation of exhibitions and academic conferences, promotion copy and company news writing, brochure planning and production, media communication, etc.

Job requirements:

1.Master degree in biology, pharmacy, pharmacy and medicine.

2.CET-6 or above, fluent oral English, can be used as working language.

3.Strong communication, coordination and business negotiation skills.

4.Familiar with cell gene therapy industry, with BD related experience in CDMO industry.

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mRNA Engineer
Job Responsibilities:

1.This position is subordinate to Yuanxing gene synthesis biology laboratory and is mainly responsible for the R & D of mRNA synthesis project.

2.Carry out the optimization of the method for the development of mRNA transcription process in vitro. Including but not limited to vector sequence design and vector construction, primer design, in vitro transcription, mRNA product purification, and method optimization at each stage. Assist in the verification of production transfer and amplification.

3.Responsible for the development and establishment of corresponding detection methods in the process of mRNA optimization and the writing of SOP. Carry out standard detection according to SOP and assist QC to complete method transfer and verification (relevant experiments include but are not limited to PCR, Q-PCR, ELISA, western, etc.

4. consult literature or relevant documents, extract key information and apply it to process development.

5.Organize and analyze the experimental data and cooperate with the writing of relevant materials for project application.

Job requirements:

1.Master degree in, virology, biology and chemistry.

2. have research or production experience in mRNA synthesis related projects.

3.Master the knowledge of DNA / RNA molecules, and be able to establish and implement the experimental scheme independently.

4.Good English reading and writing skills, proficient in reading all kinds of technical documents.

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mRNA preparation researcher
Job Responsibilities:

1.Responsible for the R & D and optimization of LNP / liposomes and the R & D of other delivery systems.

2. Responsible for the development of LNP and other delivery technologies, pilot scale-up to industrialization.

3. Participate in the small-scale preparation and pilot production of mRNA preparation.

4. Responsible for daily maintenance of pilot equipment and material procurement / management.

Job requirements:

1. Master degree or above in pharmacy, pharmaceutical preparations, nano pharmacy, biotechnology and other related majors.

2. Have research experience in liposomes, LNP, polymer nanoparticles and other complex preparations or understand GMP related regulations.

3. Understand mRNA delivery technology and LNP preparation.

4. Relevant academic papers are preferred.

5. He has excellent learning ability and has a strong interest in drug R & D, purification and other research.

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