Corporate Culture

After years of continuous integration and development, Yuanxing gene has cast and polished a distinctive corporate culture with "sincere life, hard work, concentric cooperation, tenacity and innovation" as the core. The company advocates that doing is being a man.To make products is to make word-of-mouth.Service is value extension.The company regards sincerity as the basic value and the first value.Sincerity is the foundation of establishing oneself, undertaking and speech.We believe that the team determines the success or failure of the enterprise. Team cooperation is not a simple addition of individuals. The strength of the team should be far greater than the sum of individuals. Individual integration into the team, obedience to the team and belief in the team are the cornerstone of our common cause. Pharmaceutical R & D is an industry with long cycle and long investment. In addition to always maintaining tenacious dedication and execution, product innovation, technological innovation, market innovation and system innovation run through it.